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            1. Hubei Sanfeng Turbine Equipment Co., Ltd.
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              The largest domestic manufacturer of sulfuric acid blower smoothly offline


              On December 18, 2017, the first largest domestic model sulfuric acid blower was off-line in Hubei Province Fan Factory Co., Ltd. with a flow rate of 4500m? / Min, an auxiliary motor power of 4700kW and an impeller speed of 320m / s or more. This indicates that our company is fully equipped with the ability to design and manufacture extra-large sulfuric acid blowers, filling another gap in the domestic market.


              In the process of designing, manufacturing and testing of this fan, our company has made innovations in basic techniques of unit technology, unit structure, material selection and large-scale high-speed impeller welding process while making full use of the advanced achievements and valuable experience accumulated over the years And optimize to ensure that the fan mechanical performance and aerodynamic performance to achieve the best. Large CNC gantry milling, 6.3 meters CNC vertical lathe, fully automatic CNC fan test platform and other key equipment for the fan processing and testing provides a strong guarantee, but also on the company's machining capabilities and testing means a major test. The impeller passed the speeding test successfully and the test results meet the design requirements. It is the symbol of the effective breakthrough of high-speed impeller welding technology.


              We uphold the concept of creating first-class products, creating value for customers, in the fan design, manufacturing process, crafted, excellence, do not miss any one to enhance the fan quality of the details, Hubei Fan Factory Co., Ltd. have the confidence that there are Capacity to create fan industry number one.