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              Pakistani military representatives came to visit our company


              On November 7, 2017, Brigadier General Adil Umar SI (M) led a Pakistani military delegation and accompanied by Wushu Shipbuilding and Huazhong University of Science and Technology to visit Hubei Fan Factory Co., Ltd. The visit focused on the R & D capabilities of our company, processing capacity of production equipment, testing capabilities of fans and related hardware facilities, and conducted in-depth exchanges on production technology, dynamic balance test, performance testing, and complete set of services for military marine fans .
              After the visit, Adil Umar SI (M) highly praised the hardware investment of our company and the manufacturing level of fans. The Pakistani delegation was very satisfied with the visit and looked forward to further cooperation in the future.


              Pakistani delegation visited the company production workshop


              A delegation from Pakistan understands the condition of the subway fan


              Pakistani delegation visited the company Fan Performance Test Center


              In-depth exchange with Pakistani delegation