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            1. Hubei Sanfeng Turbine Equipment Co., Ltd.
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                                   In energy sector we can provide blower and fan for both tradition and renewable energy generation. In a tradition power plant or captive power plant, we provide
                                   - Primary air fan (PA Fan);
                                   - Forced draught fan (FD Fan);
                                   - Induced draught fan (ID Fan);
                                   - FGD boost fan;
                                   Our blower and fan have been widely applied for the boilers with a capacity from 50 to 2000 t/h or power plant up to 600MW a single unit.
                                   The capacity of us is indicated below, bigger one can be met subject to request
                                   - Flow rate up to 4,600,000m3/hr (1280m3/sec);
                                   - Pressure 2 – 12kPa (200 – 1200mmWC);
                                   - Installed motor power up 10,000kW,
                                  In addition, we extend our product and service to renewable energy, the biogas,coal gas from coal mine generation. Besides air and flue gas fan, the biogas and/or coal gas transfer and boost blower also in
                                  our portfolio, which apply as anaerobic digested biogas fuel fan.Normally those biogas and/or mineral gas are 
                                   - the explosive gas
                                   - high temperature up to 500C degree
                                   - dust density 40000mg/Nm3.
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